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#1 jumping out of the left side of the plane leaves you pointing at the front of the plane instead of where you were pointing when you jumped


#2 chat works in pre-game lobby but stops working at some point between lobby and end of the game - all or team only - tried switching to none for a match and still no chat


#3 wasn't there supposed to be makeup (joker and harley)?


#4 not a bug but a question about test servers - it appears that we were connecting to SEA? Are test server instances now available everywhere? ie OC? If so thats awesome. Just asking because before the patch to remove region selection there were only servers at AS and NA?


#5 Also not a bug - when the "live" servers are active the only mode you seem to be able to use on the test servers is training mode because of the lack of players. Is it possible to reduce the number required to start a match instance so we can use the test servers with a lower number of participants?


Cheers :) 


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