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Harley set.

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I bough harley set, only got the outfit tho, no mask no head and no bat at all, i tried restarting the game, refresh the game and turn my pc off, nothing worked. Ingame name TravisDHC

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Hello Berret0conner,


Thank you for the bug report.


Before creating a support ticket, do you mind checking within your Character appearance that these items have been applied?


The Bat should be found In the Customize Tab > Weapons >




If the issue still persists, please create a support ticket from the link below, adding the following information from the template within the support ticket:





1. Date of purchase (screenshot of purchase history that includes the Steam Persona and Steam ID required)


  • Check your recent purchases by clicking on your Steam ID -> Account Details
  • View Purchase History
  • Select Purchase


2.  Lost item type/quantity:


3.  Date of the issue:


4. Game Nickname:



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