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Terrible player looking for specific help, not just general advice

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In my experience, playing SOLO is actually a lot easier "IF":

1. You're the type of person who could wait for minutes with just a shotgun and a pistol.

2. Try to be in a place where careless people could try to walk into you without even noticing you. (ex: I often lie down in grasses which are tall and are near establishments)

3. Always be aware of the time and try to be at least 2 steps ahead when it's getting closer (the path to take, what to do if there a player behind or in front of you or both)

4. You can evaluate and adjusts if you're getting calmer every game :) (sometimes i drop on crowded places just to check how calm i can be in very panicking situations, which is actually every game)

So for me, getting some weapons and waiting for someone to fall into my trap and trying to be in a good spot are some of my practices that have paid off during the game.

I actually gave a win to one of my newbie friends just by playing this type of strategy. Took us just a few games

Drop me a message and i'd more than be happy to have fun in-game and discuss it :) 

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On 6/29/2017 at 9:02 PM, authenticsim said:

For the most basic and most common, I'm in a field running, on a hill, or something similar and get shot at reducing my health. How can I figure out very easily where I got shot at and use my reflexes to find him, acquire my target, and kill him if I have no cover and going prone or running will kill me? I see streamers figure this out all the time so it's not an impossible task, and my headphones are fine. Again, I don't want hardware related answers since that isn't an issue.

Being out in an open field is not an ideal scenario, but sometimes you have to do it.    If I have to cross a field, here's what I ask myself before I proceed

1. Check how much time I have. If I have plenty I spend more time planning my route, If the circle is right on my back (and especially at the smaller ranges where the gas burns faster), no other choice but to pop boosts and run for the closest cover inside the new boundary. With that out of the way...

2. Am I in an area where the open field has lots of high ground around it? (The field west from the university campus is a good example). In that case, I would prefer to move around the edge of the area, staying under the horizon out of sight from high ground. Use the crests of hills/ridges for this.

3. If the hills are farther away, check the lay of the land. The whole map is not 100% flat (maybe in some areas like the urban locations). Small dips and grooces can block line of sight if your opponent is relatively at the same height. (Think of the outer boundary of the military base, or the dirt road crossing the wheat fields near gatka towards the south hills. You may have to go prone at points, but if you have time these are good options.


Now you might till get shot by someone. Unless he 1 shots you, you have a slightly better chance of surviving if you keep a clear head.

Did you hear the shot? At longer ranges, the bullets hit first before you hear the gunshot. I see it often that players look for the bullet hits first and not pay attention to the sound (I do this too). Its a normal reaction, but figuring out the general location of the gunfire will help you dodge the next shots that are already flying.

Did you see were the shot landed? If theyre landing on your feet, they're on a higher elevation. Get somewhere low (behind a hill rise, or even a bush if nothing else). If you dont see any bullets landing beside you, theyre relatively on flat ground. Do not go up a hill, or you are just giving them a better shot.

Did you check if that direction is relatively flat ground or are there areas with higher elevation? This also relates to the one above l, but anything that helps you get a better idea where the shots are coming from can help you escape it.


And always, bob and weave. Don't go in a straight line.


Now I'm not saying I'm good, but ever since I've paid more attention to these things I've found having to cross an open field is not as daunting as it seems. My first hundred hours were lots of camping and being scared of trying anything. It's only recent that I've actually gotten chicken dinners and some of it the gas just worked in our favor.  Just keep a calm head, and don't rush. 


p.s. Check out Nap of the Earth, it's a flying term but it can apply to ground movement too.

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On 6/29/2017 at 9:02 PM, authenticsim said:

I'm in a 2 story house on the second floor looting, or pausing to listen to who's around when a car drives up and someone jumps out. We both see each other and now I need to kill him before he kills me. What's the best way to win this fight? Maybe I have a shotgun, maybe I don't, though I'd assume my only weapons aren't a pistol or Kar98. What happens in the opposite situation? I drive up to a town, get out, and now I'm the one outside? If I drive away he shoots me and I die so I have to engage.

Scenario A: I'm on the 2nd floor

My thoughts on this: do I want to engage? Is the gas moving and over taking my area soon and do I have a decent cqb weapon. If the gas is moving, and I dont have a decent gun my priority would be on getting out of dodge. Just because he saw me and is engaging does not mean I should.

where are his points of entry, wheres my exits? Did i leave the doors close or open? Is there a balcony I can jump off if  I have to? If I closed the doors then that means he has to open a door to get in, if he is smart he will try to flush you out with a grenade if he has any or scout out your location if you move around and make noise. Now if the doors are open he could just slowly move in (holding ctrl while crouched makes the least amount of noise, so does tapping the movement keys). I could bait him by opening a balcony door upstairs, make noise and then inch my way back to spot where its hard to see me from the stairwell unless he moves up.

If i do decide to run for it, I try to figure out his general direction and head straight the other way, preferrable to another house. Make him take more guesses on where I am. Run to the next house going left, then crouch and move the opposite direction right and find a spot to ambush if he decides to follow. 


Situation B: Im approaching in a car and see someone on the second floor.

Why should I engage? If I'm low on supplies, I'll keep driving on. He may have seen me, so I dont drive in a straight line. It may be different in a squad (with more people shooting at me, potentially blowing the car). But in singles or duos, odds are he can't one shot me.

Only reason I would engage someone in a house is if the gas is relatively small enough and the house has great cover that I would risk letting everyone else know I am inside that house. (Which I rarely do anymore, I'd rather stay on the houndary of the circle.)

Otherwise, its a reverse of scenario A. What are his exits? Are there 2 balconies or just 1? He could jump out before even get close enough to listen for his position. Can I go in without opening doors? If theres an open door I would sneak in slowly with a cqb weapon. 

Do I have grenades to flush him out? I'd Throw a frag at his last position and flush him out if I'm outside and doors are closed. If I'm inside, throw a flashbang and time my run so I would be upstairs after the flash explodes and find a decent firing angle. 

Is there a care package plane, artillery shelling, or gunfire/vehicle noise? Noise give's you away and if any of these things are happening at the same time, these can mask my movement when I do decide to rush in or escape.

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2 hours ago, QuadDamage said:

I was impressed with the first thoughtful, lengthy reply, and then they just kept coming. Nice.

Yeah it's nice when people take the time to constructively break things down rather than the typical 'git gud'.

We can all learn something new.

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Hey, I just jump in to this... I played a well match yesterday (still not very consistant or superior), and was OK with my strategy... when it comes to one on ones I am lacking of experience (played much FPS, but then WoW and WoT ... now the aim needs some serious training though)

But despite my skills - what could I improve in the last circle here: I made a video


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On 6/30/2017 at 7:15 AM, jurajemajl said:



If you havent played multiplayer shooter before, like me, you are in for a very steep learning curve. While moving and positioning may come natural, shooting skills can only be perfected trough practice, and in PUBG death is very punishing since there is no respawn. Thats why i never play alone and in squads im always the support, never the point guy. 

This right here applies to me as well. I didn't start playing FPS until about the time OverWatch came out. PUB I have been playing since...mid May? Solo q I can pretty much always slither around until the top ten (got my first 5 kill game the other day but was shaking so hard I whiffed it and died at #5). I love running duos and squads since it gives me some forgiveness on shooting skills having back up, however that being said, I have learned a TON about communication, map awareness, looting, learning gun sounds/direction/movement sounds, driving vehicles, and circle positioning (still can't get my squad to always stay at the edge of the circle since they prefer houses for cover) by being in a squad, which is helping me get a lot better in solo q. Now I know the OP said they don't have a mic, so for duo/squad that is pretty much a requirement since there is no text chat or any other way to communicate, but I do feel duos and squads have massively helped my gameplay, like I said, by lending a bit of forgiveness and the ability to ask your teammates (mine have a lot more FPS experience than I do) questions about what is happening and sharing videos and strats on Discord during off game time.

TL;DR FPS has been a steep learning curve for me, running in squads and duos has helped me immensely in scaling that curve.

PS. So many 5am run on sentences >.<

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