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Middle East Server !!

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On 10/1/2017 at 4:29 AM, yoitshadi said:

As much as I'd love to see this happen... it will not. PUBG uses AWS to host its games (so i've heard) and AWS will open their first Middle East server in Bahrain/Qatar by 2019.

Buckle up and weather the storm, or move on. Both options are crap i know.

Over n out.

They mentioned in one of their posts that they are willing to add unofficial servers if there are enough players in a certain region. So I still believe they could do it for the middle east.

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hello playerunknown, i would like to confess about a problem many of us face but no one has looked into it yet which is middle east servers. This is not only a problem for your game its for most games. Because approximately 25% of PUBG players are from the middle east and that is a big percentage if i know math. Anyways my point is in every server people have an advantage over us unless if they were in the middle east of course but the people that are close to the servers always seem to get better shots than us and less delay. So please put servers in the middle east.

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I'm from Pakistan (South Asia), i do get around 20-30ms in Middle Easter (Dubai) servers in CSGO, Battlefield and other games. There's huge player base from Middle East those who left CSGO and playing PUBG atm (just like me) so can @Administrator (PlayerUnknows) consider adding some Middle Eastern servers too just like you've added Korean/Japanese servers. Please

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