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Middle East Server !!

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On 2/4/2018 at 11:13 AM, MikePUGB said:

Pleaseeeee Guys. Do Something. Its not possible to play like this. At least give us a response. This is completely unprofessional.

Playing in DUBAI. Ping 160 minimum upto 220max


i feel you man


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You know what pisses me off? Middle eastern players having to beg without getting a single f*cking acknowledgment.  You have millions of players in the Middle East and you're forcing us to play on servers with 100+ PING IF WE'RE LUCKY.


It is unacceptable and straight up disgusting to sell a game in a region without equipping them with their own servers.  I really feel Bluehole entertainment should get sued over this shit.


You have a huge number of players in the Middle East, Give them a response because it's really not too much to ask for.


We like the game. matter of fact we LOVE the game.  But playing with a huge handicap like this has me frustrated 90% of the time.  It is straight up unplayable if you want to get serious at the game.


Sorry people I just had to vent.   It's crazy how games like rocket league have M.E servers and this multi-f*cking-billion selling franchise doesn't.  It's embarrassing.

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Posted (edited)

I from Turkey and i support this server.  You must open Middle East server, they deserve it. Turkey or Saudi Arabia  is best location for this server.


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