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Unable to switch weapons with different keyboard language

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There is a bug where you are unable to switch the weapons using your number keys if you have other language layout on your keyboard that uses special characters. In my case, for example, number keys represent special characters such as č,š which correspond to 1,2 number keys respectively. Pressing these keys whilst having other language set that is not English does not result in the action in game. That is, nothing happens. Character remains with previously selected weapon, unable to change it, until the language is changed back to English or any other language that does not have special characters assigned to number keys.
The only workaround that i found for this issue so far, is either changing the binds for weapons or disabling the language that has special characters in windows.
I used the Lithuanian keyboard layout. 

Date seen: 3rd of July and forward.
Server: Stable
Launch options: Default
Operating System: Win10
Graphics Card: NVIDIA Geforce Gtx 660
CPU: Intel Core i5 3570 @ 3.40GHz
Ram: 8gb

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I'm facing this problem too, seems like no one from PUBG team even cares about this issue. I bet they're all using English keyboards. :D The problem is, that you can't even remap the keys for your keyboard because it doesn't work. I bet it is due to UE4 automatically encoding the keys to ANSI, because it does by default.

UE4 stuff

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