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Custom Games Access Application for Communities, Esports Orgs, and Tournament Organizers

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This program application process is designed for growing communities, Esports organizations with PUBG/Battle Royale Teams, and Tournament Organizers and productions.  Individual Twitch streamers and YouTube personalities should proceed to the partner application page as any requests of that type through this system will be rejected.


We are happy to announce that we are now ready to share with you our plans for opening up the next wave of Custom Game Access(often referred to as CGA). We want to continue the creation of exciting and fun community content that you, our players, enjoy watching and playing. As a result, we have outlined some rules surrounding who will be granted access to these features at this time. Please note, these new rules and updated guidelines will also apply retrospectively to CGA holders moving forward. 

How to Apply for Custom Game Access

To apply for Custom Game Access, please read through the requirements section below to confirm you're eligible, and then send an email application to our team at: Esports@Bluehole.net

Please apply using the following naming convention for the title of the email:

{Name of Organization} - {Community/Event/Tournament} - {Application for Esports CGA} - 

Example: PUBG Esports - Online Charity Invitational - Application for Esports CGA

Minimum Requirements:

  • Must be one of the following: Community of 500+ members, Official Esports organization, or Tournament Organizer/Production Company. 
    •  Communities that are not broadcasted regularly (reddit communities, discord groups, etc) are welcome to apply, but need to provide metrics of growth to be considered.
  • Must be able to provide post-event reporting within 7 days of the event ending
  • Must have an established platform for communication other than social media (twitter). IE: Website, Forum, Subreddit, etc. 
    • We do not want registration for community events to be done strictly through social media. We'd like to help communities that have a dedicated space for feedback from participants, as well as a space that allows for new member registration and information to be easily accessible. 
  • Must not be a pay-to-play platform by nature. All events must be free to enter. 
  • Access is NOT to be given out, sold, or "lent" to other communities or tournament organizers. It is also not to be used to make a profit at this point in time. It is for COMMUNITY EVENTS. 

Example Application Template - https://www.dropbox.com/s/jwrz280zac7557p/Esports Program Application Template.docx?dl=1

  • On your Application[Doc or PDF format], please include the following information IN THIS ORDER:
    • The Name of the Organization or Company you represent
    • Your Name
    • A little about your company
    • Social media links (Twitter, Twitch, Youtube, Discord, Website)
      • Social media Metrics for streaming channels (followers, Avg viewership, average YouTube video views, etc)
    • Previous Events you've done and links to VODs and such (if applicable)
    • Current plans for Custom Game Access (high level overview of planned events)
    • Your expected and planned audience (My friends want to play custom games together, probably wont make the cut)
    • Any Players that you sponsor or endorse that would be making use of CGA(if applicable)
    • Any Extra information that you think may be relevant to the application to help us understand who you are what you'd like to do with PUBG.
    • Your personal favorite weapon in PUBG. (Yes, we're serious :D)


Tournament Participation and Promotion Rules

  1. Participants must be allowed to stream their own perspective on their personal channels at all times. If you have any intention of prohibiting participants from streaming, you must contact us via Email beforehand to have it approved. 
  2. Participants must be on at least 180 second delay
  3. Tournament Rules (Custom Game Mode changes and settings) must be posted in both written and in screenshot form in the public domain (Twitter, Reddit, Organizing Website) at least 1 week prior to the event.
  4. Must grant “Moderator Access” in the broadcast (twitch/youtube/mixer) chat to a Bluehole Community Team Member for chat regulation as well as serving as a public facing figure on behalf of the Community team for the duration of the event.
  5. Minimum 2 week broadcast promotion across social media channels.
  6. Must send tournament overview and details to the Bluehole Esports Team atleast 3 weeks in advance.
  7. Access is NOT to be given out, sold, or "lent" to other communities or tournament organizers. It is also not to be used to make a profit at this point in time. It is for COMMUNITY EVENTS. [Yes we listed this twice. Don't break this rule!]



To ensure the your events are providing the best experience for all the viewers we have a series of basic broadcast requirements for your stream. These are very basic rules surrounding the bitrate, resolution and other simple stream settings to ensure all the important information can be displayed at its best. Further details about these expectations will be sent out should your application be successful.



As with our previous guidelines there is still a strong policy on absolutely NO CASH PRIZES, this includes digital currency and gift cards. There is also still a $1000 limit on material prizes and we have implemented a new approval process for prizes of this time to be approved. Our game is improving with every patch but it is still in early access and therefore comes with issues. We are still learning and adjusting so want to continue the relaxed theme our events have had up to now. We will eventually open up the prize limit but cannot give an estimated date for that to happen at this time.



Our game is still in Early Access and that means it may come with bugs, glitches and general client instability. Should you be running any events in which one of these issues arises, Bluehole cannot accept any responsibility for damages of any kind. Anyone using this tool accepts the risk involved with doing so on such an early build of the game.



Now we also have to warn you that access to this tool can be revoked. If a community is seen to not be using the tool enough, the privilege will be removed and passed on to another group. Depending on the size of your community we will outline tailored expectations for each applicant should they be accepted.

On a similar note, if a group is given access and is then seen to be ignoring its player base's feedback and continuing to run events that are largely disliked by the majority of their playerbase, or in violation of the guidelines provided, they also risk losing their access.

To reiterate, this tool is NOT to be used to run events with cash prizes of any size and for material prizes exceeding the cash value of $1000 total. Our game is not ready for large scale competition and this tool should not be used to run events like those. We want the community to have more ways to play, more ways to experience our game but we do not want an overly competitive environment until our game is ready. Anyone found to be breaking these rules may have their access to the feature revoked with or without prior warning.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I was rejected by the partnerships team, can I apply for the esports program? 
    • Yes, but there are no guarantees you'll be accepted. This program is intended for growing and established communities that will stream and create a considerable amount of PUBG content on a regular basis. 
  • How long will it take to process my application?
    • Up to two weeks, but in most cases less time than that.
  • Can I check the status of my application anywhere? 
    • Unfortunately we will not reply to status updates via twitter, discord, etc. As long as you've submitted it via email with the instructions above, please allow up to 2 weeks to hear a reply. 
  • How many people can get CGA per application?
    • Generally up to 2 people can apply for CGA on behalf of one organization. We will make exceptions for Esports ORGs with up to 4 players, but it will be on a case by case basis for most things. 
  • Why do we have to send in an email and write it ourselves? Partnership applications were via google doc.
    • Because big communities, Esports Orgs, and Tournament organizers need to be held to a higher standard to ensure events that are run, will also be to a higher standard. 
  • I saw X person/organization has access to custom games and I am bigger than he/she/they, can I report them or ask why?
    • No. Each persons application is reviewed in depth based on what is submitted.
  • I applied within 1 day of applications opening but I did not get a reply until 2 weeks later, why?
    • Most likely because you did not follow the instructions above regarding what to include on the application or in what order to submit this information. 
  • I have questions about the application process, who do I contact?
    • Please email us an application filled to the best of your ability and clearly define your questions about the application in your email. 

Contact Information

General Inquiries and Application Submission:

  • Esports Program - Esports@bluehole.net


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