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PUBG_Caesar of Roma

Connection/Steam/Launch Issues: A Comprehensive Guide

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Nimroc    0
1 hour ago, Siddie said:

After all my troubleshooting, what I ended up having to do for my issue was deleting the .dll listed in my first image. Verified my files via steam. Ran the game and it worked.  

Can you direct me to where this file is ? Here is my issue:    I have 2 computers. one is a older desktop running windows 7 and a brand new ROG laptop running windows 10. I can play on the desktop (win 7) just fine. When I try on the laptop(win 10) I get squat. I have tried many of these fixes and still nothing. It shows I have played 10 min on the laptop.

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ElMarmos    0

I have tried everything. Nothing seems to work. I get kicked from everygame 10+ times per game with the message "Lost connection to host". It seems that is an uncommon error that just a few players have.

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