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[Early Access] Patch Notes - 23/3/17

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Known Issues [Updated]
  • Characters may seem like they are shaking when in spectate mode
  • (For non-English users) Some of the in-game texts may still show in English
  • Collision checks on destructed doors may not be in sync with how they look
  • Certain hair style + hair color combination will cause the overall hair not be visible
  • There is a bug that is causing the “ViewDistance” option to not be adjustable via individual graphic settings. Since this plays an important role in the performance of the client, if you want to force change this, you would have to adjust the overall graphic options, or directly edit the GameUserSettings.ini file
    Here’s how to access and edit the file
    1.    Go to %APPDATA% using the File Explorer
    2.    Go to [Local] – [ShooterGame] or [TslGame] – [Saved] – [Config] – [WindowsNoEditor]
    3.    Open GameUserSettings.ini
    4.    Try lowering the value of ViewDistance to either 1 or 0, and save
Performances & Stability
  • Server stabilization and client performance improvement are consistently being worked on
  • Slightly improved the issue that caused massive number of players to get disconnected from a game
  • Destruction logic has been reworked so that the destruction of doors do not interfere with server performance
  • Resolved some issues that were causing client crashes
  • Added the SKS rifle to the game
  • 2 new face presets have been added (1 male, 1 female)
  • Improved parachute controls
  • Added freelook while in 1st person/ADS views
  • You are now able to sort your items in your inventory
  • 9 new languages have been added and now we offer the game in 12 languages total. There may be some bad translations, but we will be consistently adjusting them throughout Early Access
  • The exclusive items for pre-ordering the Deluxe edition are available via an in-game redeem function
  • Slightly adjusted the balance on end-game rewards
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed the bug that caused the scope aim to seem different than the actual when spectating
  • Fixed the bug that caused the end-game results screen to not appear when spectating and all your teammates die
  • Fixed the bug that caused the indoors footstep sound to be too low
  • Fixed the bug that cause stats from other game modes to be applied between Solos, Duos and Squads.
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