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Soviet Train Station Map?

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I was wondering if any of you would think maybe implementing a large scale train station map as a new possible addition in the future? The map would have a city layout in about a 4x4 or 5x5km area but just outside the city is a large underground train station that has multiple levels. The spawn plane would fly over as usual in the beginning and players can choose to drop in the city or go straight down in the station. It would have working escalators and elevators, as well as regular stairs. There wouldn't be any moving trains (that's too distracting) but the escalators would create a low ambient noise when near them and the elevators would make a ding when they are called. I thought this would be a good rough idea to get close tactical game play that would be a little different then what we have now in open spaces, and a mix of game play in the city.  

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