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Consider changing air drops BEFORE next test phase.

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Hey Devs, saw Poopiequeen post a tweet asking for more input.


I just wanted to stress again about the air drops. I think currently they are too strong, and if the Guille Suit is going to be added to the air drops by next alpha, I really think there needs to be some pre-balancing changes before it just gets too out of hand and makes the next testing phase unfun.

The guille suit in addition to the strongest weapons and strongest armors in the game make the air drop a VERY valuable objective. That being said, the air drop needs to be harder to obtain, and easier for more people to contest.

Right now its pretty easy to just pick up a gun, get a vehicle, and rush an air drop to try to get overpowered weapons and armor. Also like I've said before, the air drops provide GREAT cover in the heat of the battle. Its quite safe to stay behind an air drop crate because its so large it covers your whole body.

Here are some thing I'm throwing out that I think could be changed for next build:

  • Raise the plane height so it drops from farther in the air.
  • Add bright flashing lights while its falling from the sky, and also when it lands.
  • Possibly add a sound like a beeping or a siren.
  • Reduce the length and width of the actual air drop (red and blue) package so its smaller and harder to hide behind.
  • Currently (MOST OF THE TIME) the air drop will drop the crate almost directly in the center of the current electricity circle, making the locations very predictable. Only rarely they will drop near the edges. This makes it easy to find.
  • Spawn rate of air drop crates seem quite high, maybe make them a lot more rare.
  • Reduce the % that a sniper can spawn in the crate, and increase the % that a Tommy Gun or M249 spawn. (Snipers are clearly the strongest gun out of them all)
  • Bombing runs like h1z1?? Idk, rather have multiple of the other suggestions then bombing runs.

I think using some of these balance changes it will make the air drops much harder to get and a lot less players will have huge advantages in equipment.


Also, hopefully in this next alpha test we can get some UI tweaks with timers and such. Here's something that could work.


Oh 1 more thing I REALLY want for next alpha please

Keybind for pulling out grenade slot (#5 slot).


Thanks for reading.



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